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tenso.comとは? is largest forwarding service in Japan, specializing in sending packages from to Japan to the world. Tenso's services aren't limited only to 6%DOKIDOKI, and purchases made at other Japanese online shops are also welcome.




When you register at, you will receive your own shipping address within Japan. Registration is free!


When you make a purchase from a Japanese online store, just enter the shipping address you received in Step 1.


Your products will be delivered to Tenso's warehouse in Japan. Once you have paid the international shipping fees, will send your product overseas to you.


- does NOT accept cash on delivery or cash on arrival orders.
- When selecting a payment method for your order, please be careful not to select cash on delivery. If you do so, you may end up being charged a cancellation fee by the web-shop.
- For other notices and warnings, please click here.



The fee we will charge you is the sum of our service fee, and the cost of international shipping. We ask that you pay this usage fee once your products have arrived at our warehouse. Orders will be shipped abroad, starting with those whose fees have been payed first.

※Fees vary based on the weight of the order, and the destination country.




Please register at to take advantage of this service. 6%DOKIDOKI does not run, and we request that you direct all inquiries relating to this service directly to